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    Your Full-day itinerary from dust until dawn comes with...​

    Top tips and advice within one certain area

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    Detailed addresses and opening hours

    Insider tips and local knowledge

  • VIENNA first

    We choose Vienna as city-setter's first city.

    If the title as the world's leading city for quality of life is not enough to convince you, check out the facts below

    Approx. 1.8M inhabitants + 

    6M tourists in 2015

    Source: MA 23 - Dezernat Statistik Wien

    Viennese coffee house culture belongs to the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO

    Source: UNESCO intangible culture heritage

    41,487 ha area of which 

    45.5% is green space

    Source: Municipal departments 28, 37 and 41

    3rd place in the Innovation Cities Global Index 2014

    Source: 2thinknow

  • How it works

    Customised itineraries based on your passion

    9 different lifestyles

    Choose the lifestyle you adhere to 

    You can choose from nine different lifestyles. Each of them has a different focus. Choose the one you are enthusiastic about. For example, we build the classy sightseeing and city trip experience around your passion. Experience visiting a new city at a different level.

    3 lengths 

    2, 3, 5 day options and in case you want more - get in touch

    You can choose from three options depending on the length of your stay. If you are in a hurry or simply impatient or if you prefer your stay even more personalised, get in touch.

    3 budgets

    Enjoy your chosen city on 3 different budgets

    We want you to experience your city trip exactly as you wish. To achieve this, we let you decide on your budget. Once you have booked your lifestyle, we'll get in touch. There are people who will choose shoes over food and wine over sight entries. We understand that.

    12 simple questions

    Choose your product and we will get in touch to find out more 

    We want to bring you your unique experience. That's why we will ask you simple questions with quick answers. It will take you a couple of minutes and it will make a big difference to your experience.

  • Our lifestyles for VIENNA

    Choose the lifestyle you like and we get you the perfect itinerary!

    The world is my oyster

    Fancy and chic

    You want it all and you want it now. Inhale Vienna from traditional to hipster heaven. Attention - It's addictive!

    We are family

    Happy and adventurous

    A weekend together with your beloved ones. Let us do the job to make everyone of your bunch happy. Guaranteed fun!

    I run on Mozart

    Classy and breathtaking

    Opera, operetta, theater, musical, concert - let us show you Vienna's most famous side and be seduced.

    Night owls

    Black and gold

    You want to be an owl in your next life? You love bars, but cannot stand early worms? This here is for you. 

    Culinary sensation

    Melting and exciting

    From the traditional Heurigen to the latest fancy addition on Vienna's culinary skyline. We will take you there. 

    Back in time

    Ancient and precious

    Imperial buildings and antiques give you goosebumps? Want to sip coffee like Freud? You're welcome.


    Romantic and intimate

    When you are in love, the only thing that matters is the time spent together. We show you places you will never forget.

    Art its freedom

    Disturbing and beautiful

    You inhale art and feel the urge to get your daily dose of old masters and modern creations? Check this out. 

    Green is beautiful

    Fresh and clean

    Leave the buzzing city behind you and dive into the green areas of Vienna and its surroundings. 100% oxygen!

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    Vienna tops the list again this year, find out why below and start planning your trip: http://www.mercer.com/newsroom/western-european-cities-top-quality-of-living-ranking-mercer.html#
    We are excited to launch city-setter and revolutionise the art of city sightseeing. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey around Vienna and we hope to take you there to experience it yourself.  In this blog, we will provide you with interesting events, ideas and highlights about what's...
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  • About city-setter

    Our story

    Travelling to a new city is exciting. So much to see and to do, so little time. Thousands of guidebooks to choose from. We are passionate travellers and we decided it is time to take city trip experiences to the next level. Friends asked us where to go and what to do. That is when we decided that we want city travellers to focus on the fun part and their passions. City-setter was born.

    Our passion

    Everyone has passions. Some dream about them, some live them. We want our customers to fully induldge in their passions while visiting a new city. We want passion to decide how to explore a new city. Why should you not do what you love while being abroad. Being a stranger is no excuse anymore. Be part of our vision and let City-setter show you a new way of city travelling.

    Our vision

    We chose Vienna to be our first city. We love Vienna and we want you to love it even more. But that is just the beginning. We are dreaming big and we are going big. Follow us to find out more about our plans and stay up to date. There is more to come and we will not stop. 


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